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National Novel Month Winner

This is Guia, with Hunter on the right side of the picture. Pronounced with a hard g, as in gift, it’s gee-ah, and it’s Spanish for “guide.” Hunter is refusing to learn some things and tends toward the extremely timid, so we’re hoping he can learn from Guia. They’ve been together now for almost two weeks, and they’re not only buds, it seems to be working!

Hunter and Guia

She is also a Shetland Sheepdog, but in the color phase known as blue merle. She’s just over five months old.

Guia and Zeker. Sometimes the cats are friends, and sometimes they’re fuzzy play-toys.

Guia and Zeker

Guia and Hunter in the Fox Room. She wants to play longer, but he’s tired!

Guia Play

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