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National Novel Month Winner

Meet Hunter. He arrived at alaHouse on March 8, 2009. His personality is beginning to appear.

New Puppy

This pic was taken with Harry’s cell phone so the quality isn’t really good but you can see the size difference in our two boys. You can also see the pigment change in Bounty’s nose as the cancer begins to take its toll.

Two Dogs

Hunter on 3/21, harassing a stuffed rabbit and then Zeker.

Hunter and Bunny
Hunter and Zeker

Hunter in late April. He and Zeker are still wrestling for supremacy... sometimes.

Hunter 041809
Hunter Face
Hunter 042009
Hunter and Zeker 042009
Hunter and Zeker truce
Hunter and Zeker Snacktime

Hunter in late May. He’s changing from puppy to dog!

Hunter Growing

Two shots from late July; just over six months old.

Hunter At Door
Hunter On Deck

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