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We purchased HexHouse in April of 1992. It wasn’t called HexHouse then. The name came into being after we’d been living there awhile. Odd things happened in this house. Nothing bad, just weird.

Pretty soon, we figured out the happenings all had to do with water in some way, and we began to realize that HexHouse had a water poltergeist. Within a couple of years, the poltergeist acquired a name: H-2-Uh-Oh. We began to see that H-2-Uh-Oh wasn’t so much a malignant spirit as it was HexHouse’s soul.

A lonesome soul, that moans through the water pipes at night, and plays in the water softener on lazy afternoons. A playful soul with a mischievous sense of humor that shows when it sticks the sprinkler system into the “on” position for hours. A thoughtful soul, that allows us to hear the gears turning when the toilet runs and runs and runs.

We learned to live with H-2-Uh-Oh and we came to expect things to happen with HexHouse’s water. This year, we’re tempting fate by adding a section to the house. There’s a great room which will hold a pool table, a section of pantry cabinets, and a half-bath. Water? We’re adding water to the new room? What were we thinking?

Here’s the construction as of February 17, 2005:

HexHouse Construction February 17

And as of February 21, 2005, opposite angle:

HexHouse Construction February 21

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