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Exercises By Type
  • Beginning Line
    The line given is to be the first line in your sub.          
  • Brainstorm
    Something unique and uncategorizable.          
  • Character
    You’re given a character.          
  • Debate
    Pick your position and argue your case.                
  • Definition
    A made-up word is given; define it and use it in your sub.          
  • Ending Line
    The line given is to be the last line in your sub.
  • Free-For-All
    Anything within the word limit is acceptable.         
  • Headlines
    Use this newspaper headline as the prompt for your sub.        
  • Hodge Podge
    Several items are given; usually quotes or full sentences. Choose one.        
  • Interactive
    Pieces are gathered from listmembers and used to create the exercise.          
  • One Word
    Use one word from the choices given.        
  • Pick Six
    Several numbers are chosen and lists are given for what the numbers represent. Put them all together in your sub.         
  • Picture
    View the picture, then write.         
  • Question
    A question meant to spark creativity.   
  • Scene
    A scene setup where subs will tell us how we got here or where we go from here.
  • Situation
    A situation is set up. Subs will show how the characters deal with it. (Like Scene, but not as structured.)
  • Ten Words
    Use all of the ten words, with “extra credit” for using them in the order given and/or doing it in 75 words or less.
  • Title
    The line given is to be the title of your sub.
  • Video
    Access the Web site and watch the video for inspiration.
  • Webactive
    An exercise which requires accessing the Web.
  • Word Play
    An exercise using words in unusual ways.

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