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Exercise #89

Exercise #89: Craft
Posted 1/7/05

You've seen the examples sent in my listmembers. Time to choose!

Pick one of the “fodder” pieces and rewrite it. You may not use more words than the original has, but you may use less. Tell us who submitted the piece you're using. This time, you may use one which you submitted, but remember not to use your “inside knowledge” of the whole book to rewrite the paragraph.

All information contained in the original must also be in the rewrite. (No leaving out important parts!) The original writer wanted to impart something to us when they wrote this piece; we need to impart that same information in our rewrite. If the listmember who submitted the piece added an introduction, include that as well.

Keep the rewrite in the original style. If you're rewriting Shakespeare, I expect your piece to sound like Shakespeare.

I encourage you to do more than one of these. Please submit each one separately, and add a number behind your name on the subject line so we can tell them apart.

Word limit for rewrite: Same as original fodder piece
No word limit on introduction or explanations
Please use the subject line
       SUB: Exercise #89/yourname 1
       SUB: Exercise #89/yourname 2

Exercise #89: Interactive Prep

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