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Exercise #87

Exercise #87: Spark Line
Posted 12/24/04

Pick one of the following lines and write!


"Synthetics have no memory." -- Frank Haversack

"The irritations of life are eased by the annoying reminder of death." --  JMW

"Sometimes evil drives a minivan." -- "Desperate Housewives"

"I love the smell of autumn." -- D. John Kroyer

"I believe in the power of dreams, combined with clear analysis and step-by-step goals." -- Elizabeth Able

"I'd like to leave behind more than just a boxful of fonts." -- JMW

"Great love takes great risks."  -- Debbie Zamarripa

"Cupid works for the devil." -- Amy Dalley, "Men Don't Change"

"Both the major and minor flaps are perfectly butt-jointed and aligned." --

"And socks are just like expectations ... one always gets away." -- Heartbeats, the musical


Word limit: 1200
Please use the subject line:
             SUB: Exercise #87/yourname


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