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Exercise #82

Exercise #82: Self Knowledge
Posted 11/19/04

Clean out a drawer today. (A cabinet works, too, as does a box that's been sitting in the corner for awhile.)

What did you find? Medicines that expired twelve years ago? Signs that mice have lived there?

How much of the original contents did you dispose of in some way? (Trash, yard sale, etc.)

Now write. You may choose one of two pathways:

Tell us what you found, as if you were cleaning out someone else's things. Make observations and decisions about what the owner must be like.


Show us a character cleaning out such an item (drawer, cabinet, etc).

Word limit: 1200
Please use the subject line:
             SUB: Exercise #82/yourname

I consider this self-knowledge because we often store things, unused, that belong to the people we wish we were.


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