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Exercise #80

Exercise #80: Craft
Posted 11/5/04

Since this is one of my weak points, I'm revisiting senses in writing today. What the reader "hears," "sees," "touches," and "smells" while reading your work matters almost as much as what the words say. What color is the protag's hair? Is her skin silky smooth? Is the smell of newly mown grass in the air?

Pick one of the following everyday tasks and give us a scene where someone performs it. Include as many sensory impressions as you can. The finished piece does not need to be a stand-alone story.

Brushing hair
Washing dishes
Cooking dinner
Sweeping the floor
Taking a shower
Doing the laundry
Filling the car with gas
Grocery shopping
Sorting through the snail mail (as opposed to email, mind!)
Taking out the garbage

Word limit: 1200
Please use the subject line
       SUB: Exercise #80/yourname

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