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Exercise #75

Exercise #75: Craft
Posted 10/1/04

Where do we find our stories?

Sources for inspiration are everywhere. Something we hear, something we see, something we feel, even something we smell can trigger an idea. Every person we see has a story (or several) in their past and more in their future.

Ideas can come from what we know, and they can come from what we don't know. It's limitless.

My personal opinion is that stories are born of curiosity. What happens if...? How would that have turned out if...? What makes the sky blue and why is grass green? How did the leopard get his spots?

Today, find an idea. Visit a busy place -- a supermarket, a schoolyard, a bus stop -- and pick out one person. That person has a story. Share it with us, either in story form or as an outline.

Word limit: 1200
Please use the subject line
       SUB: Exercise #75/yourname

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