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2005 NaNoWriMo Winner
Exercise #73

Exercise #73: Self Knowledge
Posted 9/17/04

We've done a wish list; let's do a compliment list. Name five things, no more and no less that you like about  you or that you do well. Sorry, I'll have to disqualify writing for this one,  since we're all writers here. No free space on this Bingo card. :-)

You may choose to share your items with the list, or write about a character of yours making up such a list for themselves. Either way, give us each list item in a single descriptive sentence. For instance, in a conversation between Brant and Snowfire, Snowfire might say,  *My skin is the best-colored, most glossy skin of all the  dragons!*

Word limit: 100 words for your own list, 1200 words for a list story
Please use the subject line:
             SUB: Exercise #73/yourname


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