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Exercise #71

Exercise #71: Craft
Posted 9/3/04

How do you plot out your story?

Some writers use an outline; they have an idea which way they want the story to go and some clue on how to get it there. They outline the big plot points, setting each individual scene where it will go. Then they write the flesh in around the story.

Other writers let the story write itself; they start with an idea and see where the story goes. From that first sentence, working down, or from the ending scene, working up, or even from the middle expanding out in both directions, the story grows as if by magic.

Whichever one you are, today write with the other technique, using this:
Boy meets girl
Boy loses girl
Boy wins girl back

It's a classic, cliched storyline, but I'm sure our group can come up with some interesting ways to write it. If you usually let the story write itself, this time make an outline first. If you usually outline, let the boy meet, lose, and win the girl on his own.

Since the stories may be on the long side, I've increased the word limit for this one.
Word limit: 1500
Please use the subject line
       SUB: Exercise #71/yourname

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