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Exercise #67

Exercise #67: Craft
Posted 8/6/04

This exercise will be a challenge for some of us. Today, submit something. Actually, physically submit a piece of your writing to a publisher, Web site, magazine, etc...

Markets of the Day from Writer's Digest:

Submission guidelines for many book publishers:

Submission guidelines for many online publications:

A search using "online magazine submission guidelines" in Yahoo came up with 268,000 hits (not all of which are actually online magazine accepting submissions, but most are).

Give us part of the piece you submit, tell us who you sent it to, and keep us posted on the results (fifteen rejection slips?).

Word limit: 500
Please use the subject line
SUB: Exercise #67/yourname

You may also choose to SUB to this exercise while working on the crafting of your piece. If you do this, include the revision number or identifier in your subject line. For instance:
SUB: Exercise #67/winebird/Third Cut
SUB: Exercise #67/winebird/rough draft
SUB: Exercise #67/winebird/rewrite #2

No word limit on SUBs for the purpose of fine-tuning. Please do include at least an approximate word count so we know how long it'll take us to read it!

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