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Exercise #64

Exercise #64: Self Knowledge
Posted 7/16/04

Most of the work in this exercise will be unseen. Today, make a wish list. Tell us five things you currently wish you could do, whether or not you ever intend to actually do them. Do not take into consideration things like whether you can afford it, whether your SO (significant other) would approve, whether you might be killed doing it.

For each item, tell us using a descriptive line. For instance, if I wanted to go sky diving, I might say "I wish to make an exhilarating sky dive" or "My first wish is to experience the joy of free flight by sky diving."

List no more and no fewer than five items, using only one descriptive sentence for each. For extra credit, give us one wish you had when you were a child, and tell us whether or not you ever did it.

If you prefer, you may submit a wish list from one of your character's viewpoints. If you use this option, give us a very brief opening explaining whose viewpoint it is.

Word limit: 200 for your own list, 250 for a character's list including intro
Please use the subject line:
             SUB: Exercise #64/yourname


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