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Exercise #137

Exercise #137: Pick Six
Posted 12/9/05

Roll a die three times to give yourself three random numbers. Got ‘em? The first one is your character:
1. a pet store owner
2. a college student
3. a stock broker
4. a real estate agent
5. a pianist
6. a toddler

The second number is your character’s goal:
1. propose marriage to their significant other
2. ask the boss for a transfer
3. plan a big party
4. buy a new car
5. apologize to their best friend
6. move to another country

Your character suddenly receives a superpower:
1. x-ray vision
2. superhuman strength
3. the ability to read minds
4. the ability to fly
5. the ability to turn invisible
6. the ability to change their shape into an animal or object

Show us how this superpower helps your character achieve his/her goal (you may choose to show him/her receiving the power, too, if you like). Remember to let us know what your choices were.

Please note the higher word limit.

Word limit: 1500
Please use the subject line:
       SUB: Exercise #137/yourname


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