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Exercise #110

Exercise #110: Craft
Posted 6/3/05

Revision. It's a word I've come to hate. I have such trouble revising my work that I often don't. That could be one of the reasons I don't submit very many things to writing markets.

You know the story. You write something. Put on the finishing touches. Re-read it. Then you hand it to someone else to read; a friend, family, a writing group, an editor. They point out the flaws. The spots where you forgot to punctuate, or your spellchecker changed "chore" to "choir," or where you have the character limping on the right foot when he hurt the left.

Back to the typewriter or keyboard to do a revision.

For this exercise, choose one of your previous SUBs. Using the CRITs you received from The Desk Drawer or other sources, polish it up and re-submit it. If you haven't SUBbed here before or don't have any pieces you want to work on, you may submit a different piece. If you do this, SUB both versions.

Notice the increased word limit for this exercise.

Word limit: 1500
Please use the subject line that fits your submission
       SUB: Exercise #110/yourname
       SUB: Exercise #110/yourname (Original)
       SUB: Exercise #110/yourname (Revision)

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